Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Word of the day:  Paraphernalia (noun)

Equipment or apparatus.

The word news reporter’s use when they don’t quite know what they are talking about.
“The scene of the crime was covered in drug paraphernalia” is what they would say when looking at a homemade bong, thinking “what on earth do you do with this”.

It sounds amazing, and can be used for a vast amount of different situations. For example, my friend walked into my room today and stepped on a thumb tack and screamed at me.

“You need to tidy this place up, look at all your shit on the floor! My foot is bleeding now!”

To which I replied, “it is not shit, it’s general student paraphernalia, plus I know where all the thumb tacks are on the floor so I never step on them”

I think using the word of the day helped win my argument with regards to cleaning my room, and let’s be honest most student rooms should come with a warning saying “enter at your own risk” and all guests should be made to sign a disclaimer, stating that all the occupant of this room will not be held responsible for any harm or damaged to guest who enter of their own accord.”
This would save me a lot of time, explaining why I haven’t tidied my room in ages.  I am also looking for people to help me tidy my room. Any volunteers …. Didn’t think so.

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