Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The Sheldon Cooper effect

Like many, I have fallen in love with the Big Bang Theory, more specifically Sheldon Copper. His use of alternative words, not in majority of the average person’s vocabulary, has inspired me to expand mine.
Every day I will be posting a new word and using it in a sentence in everyday life. I will post peoples reaction to the use of the word of the day. People’s reactions may vary depending on how high the word is on the Sheldon-scale.
Today’s word is brobdingnagian: a being of tremendous size; giant.

Brobdingnagian was used in a conversation when discussing when asked where I lived, to which I replied. “I live in a brobdingnagian house with 19 other people opposite the common”.  I then explained what brobdingnagian meant as they had a confused and dazed look on their face.
“Brobdingnagian, is that some kind of special design for a house?”
This is why more people should watch TBBT( The Big Bang Theory) and follow Sheldon’s example. You should learn something new every day, no matter how small or trivial you think it is. If you haven’t learnt one new thing at the end of the day, you’ve just wasted a day of your life.

Learning a new word is just one of the small things you can do to transform yourself into a better person, ... Well more Sheldon like.
Plus “what’s life without whimsy?” 

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