Sunday, 11 March 2012

The Sun … on Sunday

The Murdoch Empire, being the fountain of originality that it is, has decided to fill the hole left by The News of the World on Sunday with … The Sun on Sunday.
The unspringing decision to add an extra edition of The Sun to replace The News of the World on Sunday was published today.
The feature stories of the first addition consisted of Frank Lampards’s uncle (via marriage, no relation) being exposed as paedophile , Claims that X Factor judge  Tulisa, “beds” Mark Wright from TOWIE and a world exclusive of the  “first” male mum. This is the news that The Sun feels is necessary for people to read about over their Sunday breakfast. At least the audience who used to read The News of the World want to read about the comings and goings of Cherly Cole’s social life over there eggs and coffee.
The editor of the Sun on Sunday is Dominic Mohan, who is also the editor of The Sun. Selected by none other than Rebecca Brooks.  Hopefully Dominic will not follow in  the footsteps of his predecessor and cause a scandal that catches the attention of the entire country.

Good look to The Sun on Sunday, let’s see if it they can last more than 42 years.

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