Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Wise… (Questionable) words from my friends

I had dinner with a friend yesterday to catch up on all the gossip I had missed over the Easter break, and somehow we got onto the subject of sex and contraception. ( a subject topic often discussed in our friendship group). 

JB is not a stupid girl but there are those rare moments where she will utter something so dense I fear for her well-being if she were to be left alone for a prolonged period of time.

“I used to think you could only take Friday’s pill on Friday. I thought it would mess my body up if I took Saturday on Friday, I thought they were different for each day. I was scared the pill would know if I took one on the wrong day, I always used to run out of Fridays.”
“No JB, the pills have days on them so you can keep track of when you take them, you can have a Friday pill on a Saturday.”
Another cracking quote that has come from one of my other friends FE was uttered in the back of a taxi on a Superbull night (enough said).
“My brains says NO, … but my nipples say YES!”
This is just the start of this series wise…  (Questionable)  words from my friends, I’m sure they will say something stupid again soon and you’ll be the first to know.